Czech Canada

For more than 50 years, wild and beautiful landscape of Česká Kanada was practically unreachable for human being. Former regime used to allow only military personnel to go in because they were patrolling borders with Austria. And therefore while the other similar places in ČR was permanently being devastated, in Česká Kanada it was like the time has stopped. Nearby nature is very similar with the nature of real Canada, and feels like smaller version of Canada to every visitor that sets foot in this place. Huge amount of more or less hidden ponds, pools or wetlands combined with wide forrest and clean air, creates absolutely unique natural formation in middle of the Europe. Natural park Česka Kanada was declared in 1.7.1994. Borders of the park are marked by three cities which are Nová Bystřice, Kunžák and Slavonice. You can find many natural sights and other interesting places worth visiting in the park.