Free time in surroundings

If you have decided to spend holidays with us in Apartmány Obora, Nová Bystřice can offer you many possibilities of how to spend time here pleasantly, like walking, sporting, visiting historic sites and much more. Nový Bystřice is located in 590m above sea level, in the area of natural park Česká Kanada. In the past, there were many old trade routes guided through this park. Just before 1420, when Nová Bystřice was burned out by Jan Žižka, it belonged to the lords of Landštejn. After that, it was owned by Krajíři from Krajku. The biggest rise was accomplished in leadership of Adam Pavel Slavata.

Places you can visit

Dean church saint Petra a Pavla
Jewish cemetery
and other historic sites

Other attractions, which are surely worth visiting:

light railway wooden sculptures monastery
Landštejn museum of čs. opevnění
The northest point of Austria and Stone of republic Natural park Česka Kanada and Homolka ­
Vojířov Natural Reserve Bizons

Sport hall
multipurpose sport pitch and minigolf
in­line skating
other sports in city and area

Tracks and paths
Novobystřická Graselova trail
nature trails marked
cycling trails